S. V. Naumenkova


In the article the current systemic risk monitoring tools used at the IMF for regulatory practice are investigated. The approaches to selecting adequate tools for mitigating systemic risks in countries with emerging economies and low–income countries have been qualified. This article aims to clarify the systemic risk monitoring tools that are currently available for Ukraine financial sector. Today Ukraine is ranked as “CRT–5 country” and has high level of country risk. It grows steadily because of financial and political instability in Ukraine. The article focuses on the selection of appropriate macro–prudential policy tools for Ukraine. The author arrives at a conclusion that there is limited number of tools for monitoring of sources and channels of systemic risks in Ukraine due to imbalance in economic processes, rising in the budget deficit and state debt and, as a result, in worsening of the state financial situation, lack of coordination between the monetary and fiscal authorities.


systemic risk; financial stability; macroprudential tools; macroprudential policy; prudential supervision.


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