G. M. Azarenkova, N. S. Melnikova, V. V. Ogorodnyk


Thesis work contains the results of research in theoretical aspects of crowdfunding technologies, the methodological approaches are brought together.

There is also an analyse of existing usage and further development of crowdfunding in modern world. The national business practice defines the crowdfunding as a crowd financing or collaboration of people who willingly unite their funds. It happens via the Internet to support other people or organizations.

The author worked out practical conclusion and recommendation regarding to the usage of crowdfunding technologies for burgeoning entrepreneurs in project finance as a part of the study.

The main qualities of crowdfunding technologies were marked out and observed on the research base, e.g. possibilities to assess the value of service and mitigate risks, outreach the target market and create customer base, future development of the project.

Disadvantages of crowdfunding technologies (comparison with traditional ways of financing)are: neglecting the projects which have a potential strength for lack of well–thought marketing and commercial strategies; the necessity of expert evaluation when the author overestimate one’s abilities and miscount the numbers of significant factors;  absence of strict reporting and statutory accounting.

The crowdfunding is approximately new source of financing, despite this fact, there are all the necessary conditions for full–grown, accessible and convenient way   for subsidization burgeoning entrepreneurs, as it helps to give funds to the projects  which are hard to raise funding in traditional way.


crowdfunding; financial project; technologies; efficiency; entrepreneurs; investors; funds


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