L. Semiv, M. Lalakulych


The article investigates specific manifestations and trends of labour resource and migration systems in Ukraine. Studied the need to consider the potential impact of a number of risks that can significantly affect the functioning of labour resource areas, namely the impact of the global economy, the intensification of fighting in the East of Ukraine, deploying of "hybrid war" by  Russia in new areas, worsening of internal political crisis.  The features of communication and interdependence of labour resource and migration systems under the influence of demographic, socio–economic, financial, integration, educational factors of development are defined. During the population aging high migration results in reducing of human capital and its quality. Precarity of the Ukrainian society is associated with unstable lifestyle and working without long–term guarantees, leading to the proliferation of non–standard employment. Galloping nature of poverty (especially total poverty among the working population) activates the internal and external movement of Ukrainian labour force. The impact of financial factors is considered through the analysis of private money transfers of Ukrainian labour migrants in Ukraine. Military operations in eastern Ukraine actualize the problem of integration of internally displaced people into local communities and it requires the formation mechanisms of adaptation and integration. Enhancing educational migration abroad is accompanied by a growing loss of intellectual potential of Ukrainian citizens, especially young people.


labour resource system; labour market; migration system; risks; interaction factors.


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