Yu. M. Zhornokui, V. H. Zhornokui, I. I. Siadrysta


The author of the article has analyzed certain economic characteristics of a legal entity. The author has researched the issue of ownership as a precondition for the emergence and functioning of a legal entity, the division of property through the construction of a legal entity as an economic way of avoiding the liability of its participants and studying the legal entity as a system of contracts.Pointed factors that determine the economic component of a legal entity: property relations as a precondition for the emergence and functioning  of legal entity; property division through the construction of legal entity as a an economic way of avoiding the responsibility of their participants; a legal entity as a system of contractsIt has been concluded that: 1) the ownership within a legal entity as an economic category fulfills a certain function, which consists in the formation of a significant capital in terms of volume according to the most profitable conditions for all persons involved in this process, in order to maximize its profitable use; 2) based on the economic component, it can be argued that a legal entity is the sole instrument of separation of property, which is carried out in order to limit the risk of its loss in the process of certain activities of an individual; 3) a legal entity from the economic point of view can be understood as a system of contracts, due to the relationship between its founders (participants), the persons who manage it (managers) and the legal entity itself.


enterprise; legal entity; property; dominion; participants; capital; share ownership.


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