M. M. Kovalenko, O. Y. Amosov, Y. O. Zaitsev, O. V. Nakisko


The research is devoted to a study of the role of the state in organization of micro-financing aimed at encouragement of the development of small and medium business. The international experience of using the potential of the state for regulation of the economy in the context of increased financial capabilities of small and medium business has been analyzed. All the countries which have provided a sufficient level of financing for their small and medium business by financial and credit institutions and the state achieved that entirely due to a systemic involvement of the state in the said process. In Ukraine, the rates of the micro-financing tool formation by no means satisfy the needs of the national economy development. All kinds of state financial support for small and medium business that are specified in the Law of Ukraine “On Development and State Support for Small and Medium Enterprises in Ukraine” should be based on a system of measures within the framework of monetary, budget, and fiscal policies implementation. Yet, unfortunately, practically none of them have been put to work on a full scale, nor reasonably planned or sustained with all the necessary resources. The government of Ukraine should have worked more closely on encouraging the development of micro-financial organizations, the functioning of which would ensure support for small and medium businesses associated with advancement of prioritized activity areas of the national economy. Serious concern is caused by the economically destructive activity of the National Bank of Ukraine connected with its monetary policy which results in the instability of the Hryvnia, exorbitant interest rates for the representatives of the real sector of the economy, and lack of “long-term” money. The highest bodies of public authority ignore the fact that micro-financing not only provides for dynamic development of small and medium enterprises, but also can become an effective tool in fighting poverty and improving the living standards for financially disadvantaged citizens. Overcoming the “money hunger” currently existing in Ukraine should be premised on building of a principally new model of the economic system based on a full-fledged agency of the state in implementing financial policy, which is related to replacement of corporate (colonial, oligarchic, etc.) capital with a true people’s management.


micro-financing; microcrediting; small and medium business; state regulation of economy; financial policy of state; government-owned banks; loan interest.


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