V. P. Yelagin, N. V. Luhovenko, Yu. V. Afanasieva


The relational perspective of state-business-society relations has been outlines, what allows rethinking the approaches to an alternative understanding of the role of the state at the current level of its development. It has been defined that the institutional approach in solving socio-economic problems of the society not always meet the interests and needs of such actors as the state, business and society. Market transformations, new forms of economic groups, development of corporations require another format of relations between employers and employees.

In the process of studying the activities of different actors in the labour market, there is a firm assumption that the corporate activities of the state and society make their joint decisions more efficient in solving socio-economic problems. The prominent role of the civil society influence on the processes, which occur directly in the economy due to the joint efforts of the state and business in the labour market, has been determined.

The problems of employment through employment center sand private recruitment agencies have been studied. The activities of the public employment services in comparison with leading recruitment agencies have been characterized; the competitive benefits of the latter in Ukraine have been outlined.  On the basis of this, it has been suggested to narrow down some functions of the public institutions as those which lost their relevance, what will contribute to sufficient savings in public funds. The activities of the employment centers, the employment processes, and socio-economic role of business in the area have been characterized. 

It has been concluded that in the strategy of managing various processes both in the state and business there are more common than opposite features, what should be taken into consideration while creating joint programs, projects or scenarios when the state and market unite into a more efficient team. It will result in making the social projects more efficient. The areas of competence of the state have been determined. It has also been indicated that the work of the employment centers should focus on the employment of people in need of additional social protection, namely youth, women with children, citizens of pre-retirement age and other priority social groups.Mechanisms for resolving complex social and economic controversies that would make social projects more effective have been further developed.

Those areas of socio-economic policy that considered monopoly of the state influence and regulation have been defined as regressive what require immediate reforms.


socio-economic conditions; state-business-society relations; employment; labour market; unemployment; corporation; corporatism; employment center; personnel.

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