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The article studies the issues of accounting policy essence as a compound  part of accounting system in accordance with requirements of national accounting regulations (standards). Provedthe relevance and importance of research of accounting policy formation at the modern stage of development, in conditions where integrity of the accounting system and continuity of the accounting process are the basis for management strategic decisions making.
The article defined notion of “accounting policy”, its contest, purpose and practical implementation. Described main levels of formation of accounting policy and its instruments which  promote and support the idea of harmonization of the accounting system and financial reporting system in accordance with national and international standards.
Considered the method of organization of creation the accounting policy of government sector entities thru system of stage-by-stage actions. Identified the content and major elements of accounting policy, main target of which — ensuring the organization of comprehensive accounting process. Determined the peculiarities of formation of accounting policy for government sector entities under the conditions of approaching to international standards and minding the principal tendencies in the sphere of accounting system modernization.
Emphasized attention on number of risks which appear directly at the stage of development, implementation and realization of accounting policy which has impact to the quality of accounting process and to the level of implementation of planned actions.
Proved importance of accounting policy formation for government sector entities for the purpose of creation of effective accounting system and organization of unified information space in accordance with international regulations (standards).


accounting policy; accounting; national accounting standards; international accounting standards.


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