Z.-М. V. Zadoroznuy, Ya. F. Averkyn


The essence and features of managerial accounting are revealed. It is proved that this accounting is an independent form of accounting of the enterprise, which provides information support to the management system of business entities. The author's definition of managerial accounting is present. The authors point out that, management accounting is an integrated system for collecting, processing and communicating information to internal users on the revenue and expenditure of enterprises in order to ensure effective cost management and obtain a positive financial result. Based on the research carried out on the separation of approaches to management accounting, it was concluded that the most common of its main features is the accounting of costs and income, the relationship with statistical and accounting, accounting and cost management, systematization and data analysis.

The approaches to the formation of principles of managerial accounting are generalize. The author's definition of the accounting principle is given. An analysis of the principles of this accounting, which are present by domestic and foreign scholars. Particular attention is paid to the four international principles of managerial accounting (communication is the main component of success, the use of relevant information, the analysis of the impact of various factors on the value of the company, management based on trust) proposed by the two largest organizations in the field of accounting and management of CIMA and AICPA.

General principles of management accounting are summarized, as well as new ones, namely the principle of predictability and modeling, the principle of stability, the principle of safety and the principle of ethics.


управлінський облік; принцип; ефективність; основна визначальна характеристика.


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