• O. Kuhareva Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
  • O. Lysa Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
  • V. Shapoval Dnipro University of Technology



national security, economic security, industrial safety, investment and innovation security, depreciation of fixed assets, capital investments


The economy of Ukraine is constantly in conditions of instability and uncertainty of further development, therefore, the problem of restoring an acceptable level of economic security of the state seems to be urgent.

The essential aspects of theoretical and methodological approaches to a comprehensive assessment of the level of economic security are the subject of numerous scientific studies, but they do not focus on the mechanism of practical management, which should provide acceptable values of the estimated indicators.

The special role of individual indicators, their interrelation, interdependence and the priority of observing their level for the stabilization and development of the economy is substantiated. The analysis of industrial and investment and innovation security made it possible to determine their state as unsatisfactory (at the same time, according to some indicators, the situation is characterized as dangerous, approaching to critical level); the problem of unsatisfactory management of economic security in Ukraine is identified.

To create an effective management system for the country’s economic security is proposed: to improve the methodology for calculating its level (differentiation of weight coefficients, application the criteria for destimulating assessments for indicators of investment and innovation security); to change its status to compulsory, not recommendatory; to provide reporting of the necessary statistical data and include it in the list (register) of open data sets that are subject to publication; to conduct continuous monitoring of indicators status of economic security; to identify trends in changes and identify problem segments; to develop socio-economic plans (programs) taking into account the criteria of economic security; to formulate tasks, authorities, responsibility and organize interaction of executive authorities in order to achieve the target level of state economic security.

Further research is advisable to conduct not only in the direction of improving the methodology for assessing economic security, but also creating an organizational mechanism for managing the state economic security, which should ensure an acceptable level of all indicators of its assessment. Building a balanced system of economic security management in Ukraine and its practical implementation is a guarantee and at the same time a necessity for the successful economic development of Ukraine.

Author Biographies

O. Kuhareva, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

Ph. D. in Economics, Associate Professor

O. Lysa, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

Ph. D. in Economics, Associate Professor

V. Shapoval, Dnipro University of Technology

Doctor of Economics, Professor


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Economic-theoretical aspect of Financial Credit System's development