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The article explores the key threats to the domestic banking system and their possible implications in the context of loss of stability of banks. The basic sources of problems and possible measures to neutralize them are subject to the article.  

 The level of the capital stability analysis of the loan portfolio quality and risk assessment of insolvency of domestic banks is subject to the article. The study found that the key problems of the banking system of Ukraine are its insufficient resource base, the outflow of deposits and the loan portfolio deterioration that occurs on a background of multiple, mainly internal risks. It is depicted that the level of capitalization of banks fell, though not reached the critical threshold, indicating there is still certain reserve left.

Having analyzed the liquidity and capitalization levels, it was concluded that there are sufficient funds to make payments to depositors in case banks fail to do so. It was concluded that at the moment the level of the coverage of deposits of individuals is more than two times higher than during the crisis of 2008-2009. This still indicates an extremely high risk of new bank insolvency in Ukraine, especially in the context of the systemic risk.


crisis in the banking system; the stability of the banking system; internal and external threats to the stability of the banking system of Ukraine


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